Alpaca Teambuilding

Are you looking for a unique team outing at a beautiful and special location?
Tired of Escape rooms, go-kart centres, restaurants and ready for a unique experience with your team?

We offer team building where you not only get to know yourself but also your team better, and this in the company of 12 friendly alpacas! Our enthusiastic and professional trainers playfully apply science-based methods. With their years of experience with various outdoor exercises, they take your team to the next level.

Both trainers and participants experience the alpaca outdoor exercise and teambuilding as unique, but above all surprisingly effective. The natural setting and the presence of alpacas creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. This proves to be a very successful basis for achieving depth. This unique combination makes our teambuilding one of the most special in the Netherlands.

Please note: It is only possible to do a team building day in the months of November to February.

Wil jij jezelf en je team op een andere manier leren kennen en samen verder groeien middels een dynamische en leerzame ervaring om nooit te vergeten? Neem dan nu contact met ons op!

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