About us

Some played shop, others became astronauts or firefighters. But we, Carlijn Grobben and Dave Rickli, dreamed as children of a farm. Not a farm with cows and chickens, but one with special animals. Since the arrival of our six alpaca males, our dream has come true.

On our alpaca farm, we give people the chance to get to know our dream and these special animals. Soon we are expecting 5 new baby alpacas (crias) so our herd is also expanding more and more.

As a teenager, I (Dave) and my family participated in an outdoor team-building weekend in the Ardennes. At the end of the weekend, full of wonderful and instructive moments, I knew for sure; I want to help as many people as possible as a coach later on! In 2007, I took the first step by earning my propaedeutic degree in (Outdoor) Sports Science at the Sporthogeschool. I then graduated as a psychologist, specialising in practical behavioural training with personal and team development as my goal. At Alpaca Eco Farm, training sessions with alpacas, among other things, are carried out to achieve these goals. In addition, my Border Collie (Simba) and I are practising sheep herding together. In the future, this will also be offered as a team-building exercise.

Day care

Growing and experiencing valuable moments is something you do together! By working together with clients and volunteers, we hope to enjoy working towards more beautiful goals.

Top quality alpacas

Our alpacas are carefully selected. We choose for the health of our animals. No alpacas born for profit on our farm, but animals raised with love and care. They are among the best in the Netherlands! This is reflected in the quality of the wool, the build and the health of the animals.


During our trip through Peru, we came into contact with local (sustainable) alpaca farmers. The 6,000 years of experience in unique alpaca wool processing is reflected in the high quality of the products. By working with these farmers, we are assured of sustainable traditional products and support the local population. In addition, we use renewable energy through solar panels and a heat pump, among other things. We also strive to use as much organic and local produce as possible.

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